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Teaching notes which can be used to teach Bible Module Revelation part one and Revelation part two. These notes can be printed out.

1. The book of Revelation: Revelation, the first picture - Revelation 1:1
  The book of Revelation, was written by John and is the last book of 66 books of the Bible. We are now going to discover to whom John wrote. He starts with Introductions and Greetings which are found in the 1st 6 verses of Revelation, Revelation 1:1-6

2. Jesus coming in the clouds: - Revelation 1:7-8
  the next two verses covers the return and eternal being [eternity] of Jesus Rev 1:7-8

3. John: - on the island of Patmos - Revelation 1:9-10
  John the prophet
John the beloved disciple of Jesus was a prisoner on this very high security island
prison because he taught about Jesus. We find this in Revelation 1:9-10

4. 7 churches: - John's commission from God was to write the scroll of Revelation.
  We can find this in Revelation 1:4, Revelation 1:11 were the 7 churches are named, also Revelation 1:20

5. The 8 fold description: - about Jesus - Revelation 1:12-20
  1. His body, 2. His Hair, 3. His Eyes, 4. His Feet, 5. His Voice, 6. His Right Hand, 7. His Mouth 8: His Countenance.
We find this in Revelation 1:12-20.
What does each description of the body depict eg body, hair etc.

6. Keys of Death and Hades: - Revelation 1:18
  Jesus has control of Death and Hades we read this in Revelation 1:18

7. 1st church - Ephesus Tree of Life: - Revelation 2:1-7
  To the over comers the right to eat from the Tree of Life
1st time the tree of life is mentioned is in Genesis 2.9
All 7 churches have this common statement He who has ears to hear let them hear.

8. 2nd church - Smyrna Satan: - Revelation 2:8-11
  Guess who turns up in Genesis 3:1
2nd church SMYRNA Jesus send a message to Second of Seven Churches on Western Coast of modern Turkey.
Smyrna now called Ismir is a rich city.
And is about 50miles north west and Inland of the city of Ephesus which is on the Aegean sea.

9. 3rd church - Pergamum Manna: - Revelation 2:17
  Hidden manna, remember Exodus 16:1-36 God sent manna from heaven
comprising church

10. 4th church - Thyatira Morning star: - Revelation 2:28
  One of Jesus Names. Read Numbers 24:17
Corrupt church - Jezebel spirit

11. 5th church - Sardis - Rev 3:1-6 White robes: - Revelation 3:5
  garment of purity
Dead church

12. 6th church - Philadelphia - Rev 3:7-13 - New Jerusalem: - Revelation 3:12
  The size of this new city is huge.
faithful church.

13. 7th church - Laodicea - Rev 3:14-22 - Door to your heart: - Revelation 3:19-20
  The door's handle is only on the inside and only we can open it to let Jesus come inside.
Lukewarm church

14. The throne: - of GOD Revelation 4:1-11 and on it Sat God and around the throne was the
  twenty four elders. The throne is the center of activities in Revelation and it is mentioned 40 times and means a literal seat. One commentator says saints have been raptured at this point.

15. The Scroll and the Lamb: - Revelation 5:1-14
  No one could open this scroll until Jesus was pointed out as the Lamb of God that was slain.

16. 1st seal - White Horse: - war - Revelation 6:1-2
  The bow is symbolic of evil intentions. The horse's rider may be the Antichrist himself using a white horse and beginning the terrible events that follow.

17. 2nd seal - Red Horse: - bloody, power, violence - Revelation 6:3-4
  From the rider on the white horse's actions we are plunged into war.

18. 3rd seal - Black Horse: - famine - Revelation 5-6
  Which brings about famine and food costing a lot more because of its scarcity.

19. 4th seal - Pale (light green) Horse: - death - Revelation 6:6-8
  The color of corpses. Death rode this horse and his friend Hell rode beside him on another horse whose color we do not know.

20. 5th seal - White Robes: - Revelation 6:9-11
  The righteous saints that have die up to this point because of the gospel.

21. 6th Seal - Darkness: - earthquakes, terror - Revelation 6:12-17
  Sixth Seal brought earthquakes, darkness and terror.
God starts his anger against mankind. Mankind who do not belong to God just want to hide from him.
Jesus as the Lamb had opened the previous fifth seals as well as this one and has one seal to go Revelation 8:1. Making a total of seven seals.

Darkness and just one of a number of earthquakes that take place at this time and people hide themselves from God

22. 144,000: - Jewish missionaries/evangelists - Revelation 7:1-8
  144,000 Jewish men who meet God's standards for this position.
The names of the tribes are the sons of Jacob. Genesis 49:1-33

23. Great number of white robed people: holding palm branches - Revelation 7:9-17
  Saved dead people from the great tribulation Revelation 7:9-17

Believers in Jesus who are now with Jesus in heaven.
They have died in the great tribulation.

White robes a symbol of purity.

Palm branches were used in feasts and the feast of booths. Leviticus 23:34-44

The Lamb one of the names of Jesus.

24. Jesus: - opens the Seventh Seal - Revelation 8:1
  Jesus opens the seventh seal. To say this action was very important there was silence for about a half an hour.

25. Angel: - with golden censer - Revelation 8:3-5
  This angel with the golden censer filled it with fire and incense that is the prayers of the saints and threw it to the earth.

26. 1st Trumpet: - Hail, fire mixed with blood - Revelation 8:6-7
  The trumpet referred to here was a shofar which is a rams horn.
That the Jews used for religious purposes and for warfare.urposes and for warfare.

Hail mixed with fire

One third of earth burned and one third of the trees and all the green grass burned up.
Remember Exodus 9:22-26 the 7th plague.

The last Trump is the longest time the blower of the shofar can hold a note.
It refers to the last time the shofar is blown in the Feast of Trumpets.


27. 2nd Trumpet: - Third sea turned to blood - Revelation 8:9
  Third sea turned to blood, third sea creatures died, third of the ships destroyed.
The trumpet referred to here was a shofar which is a rams horn. The Jews used for religious purposes and for warfare.

[Power point only Second part starts]

28. 3rd Trumpet: - Great star Third waters turn bitter - Revelation 8:10-11
  Star called wormwood. A Meteorite or by pollution or by both. Remember Egypt. Exodus 15:26-27, Exodus 10:21-23
Third drinking waters turned bitter many people died from the bitter water.
The trumpet referred to here was a shofar which is a rams horn. The Jews used for religious purposes and for warfare.

29. 4th Trumpet: - Third part of the Sun turned to darkness - Revelation 8:12
  1/3 Sun, moon, stars became dark that caused. 1/3 day to be without light, 1/3 night also to be without light.
Take a look at the order of Creation in Genesis 1:1-2:3
The trumpet referred to here was a shofar which is a rams horn. The Jews used for religious purposes and for warfare.

30. 1st Horror: - Revelation 8:13 to 9:12
  First Horror or woe is the sounding of the fifth trumpet. Sixth and seventh trumpets or shofars are covered by the second and third woe or horror.


31. 5th Trumpet: - Abyss opened - Revelation 9:1-12
  5th trumpet blast brought:
Star fall, key to hell, Tortured those of mankind that did not have the seal of God for five months.
The trumpet referred to here was a shofar which is a rams horn. That the Jews used for religious purposes and for warfare.

32. 2nd Horror: - Revelation 13 to 11:14
  Revelation 11:4 The second horror (calamity, terror, woe) is over but look! The third horror (calamity, terror, woe) will come soon.


33. 6th Trumpet: - War and plagues - Revelation 9:13-21
  6th Trumpet released 200 million soldiers for war.
The trumpet referred to here was a shofar which is a rams horn.
That the Jews used for religious purposes and for warfare.

34. Angel: - Revelation 10:1-7
  This angel could be Jesus getting ready to hand John the Little Scroll.

35. Little Scroll: - Sweet in mouth bitter in stomach - Revelation 10:8-11
  John now eats the scroll that has the SEVEN seals that were removed by Jesus.
Little scroll sweet to eat but it turned sour in stomach.

36. 1260 Days: - Gentiles trample city - Revelation 11-13 see v2
  Gentiles [non Jews] for 42 months or 3.5 years they will trample the city of God.

37. 1260 Days: - TWO WITNESS DO THEIR WORKS - Revelation 11-13 see v3
  1260 Days or 42 months the two witnesses prophesy in the city of their God.

38. Two Witnesses: - witness for Jesus - Revelation 11:1-14
  Two Witnesses who preached about Jesus for 1260 days in Jerusalem were then killed and came back to life.
While they preached if any one tried to harm them they got burnt and the power to stop the rain, turn water to blood and strike the earth with plagues.
At the end they died for three and half days and were raised by God's power and then terror struck the peoples who saw them alive again.

Remember the earthquake in rev 11:13 and people come to God.
They are Jews from Jerusalem and this is when the second horror ends.

39. 3rd Horror: - covers the time span of Revelation 11:15-13:18 - Revelation 11:13-15
  THIRD HORROR covers the events in Revelation 11:15-13:18 which include the casting out of Satan under the 7th Trumpet Revelation 12:12.
The last trumpet - the 7th Trumpet or shofar covers the time span of Revelation11:15-13:18 - Revelation 11:13-15 and ends with the casting out of Satan the ruler of this world.

40. 7th Trumpet: - God in control - Revelation 11:5-18
  The seventh Trumpet talks about the kingdom of this world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His son Jesus the Messiah.
God has started to reign by His great power.
The trumpet referred to here was a shofar which is a rams horn. The Jews used for religious purposes and for warfare.

41. Ark of God: - Rev 11:19 We also see it in Revelation 4:1
  The Ark of God is where God's Divine presence is made known.
Jesus the lamb of God, the light of the world, came into this world as a baby. To grow up into a man and the son of God. Then to die on the cross for us.
This is why Revelation was written by John to tell Jesus' brothers and sisters what was to happen and encourage them.

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Teaching notes for presentations:-   Revelation part 2

1. Red Dragon - Rev 12:1
  The next 28 out of 40 pictures are about Satan or God as they and their teams are fighting each other.
All people are either in God's team or Satan's team.

The Red Dragon is one of the names of Satan.

The Red Dragon gives life to the first of three beasts.

2. Woman flees for 1260 Days - Rev 12:1-18
  The woman symbolizes the nation of Israel

The man child symbolizes the 144, 000 Jews.

The time span of 1260 days is also known as 42 months or three and a half years or times times times and a half.

3. 1st of three beasts - Beast of the Sea - Rev 13:1-11
  The First of Three beasts.

He is going to control mankind other than those who have their names written in God's book of life.
He gets his power from Satan.
Satan copies what God has done.

Some commentators say this beast is a man.
This beast may be the Antichrist.

4. Beast out of the Earth - Rev 13:12-18
  Will be a man
Beast out of the Sea and the Beast out of the earth are real men controlled by Satan.

5. Image of the Beast - Rev 13:14-18
  Image of the beast of the sea set up and given life by the beast of the earth
All we do know is that it is an image of the first beast created by the second beast.

So what is this image going to look like well it must be able to talk.
The image speaks and deceives people because it is alive or appears to be alive.
Could be solid or even a Hologram?

 Remember that both beasts will be men and this is an image of one of them.

6. 666 - Rev 13:13
  the mark of man
The mark of the beast is 666 which is the mark of man.

Both Hebrew and Greek do not have a separate numbering. 
System so letters of their respected Alphabet have numerical values.
John was a Hebrew writing to Hebrews and hiding the information from the Roman overlords.

7. 144,000 - Rev 14:3-5
  Jesus back on earth with 144,000 Jewish missionaries/evangelists  Revelation 14:3-5
    144,000 Jewish men who meet God's requirements.

    it appears these Jews are in heaven with Jesus as the lamb is one of his titles.

    The 144,000 revived Jewish apostolic evangelists of Revelation 7 will 
    take the Word of the Lord out from Zion to Revive the rest of the nations.

     Rev14:1-5 Song of the Redeemed.

8. 1st Angel - Rev 14:6-7
  With the eternal gospel to proclaim all nations and peoples.
A literal angel in the heavens and close enough to be seen on the earth.

9. 2nd Angel - Cup - Rev 14:8
  The second angel delivered 1st cup of God's horror.
The second Angel preaches the fall of Babylon (Revelation 16:17-21 and 18:1-24)

Babylon means the gate of god and was founded by Nimrod.
A literal Babylon, which will be destroyed under the 7th vial.
Also read Revelation 16:17-21; 18:1-24

10. 3rd Angel - Cup - Rev 14:9
  The Third angel delivered the second cup of God's horror.
This third angel will fly around warning not to take the mark of the beast or
worship him this will bring eternal doom in hell on themselves.

The third angel preaches doom of the  worshipers of The Beasts.
(Isaiah 66:22-24; Matthew 25:41 and 25:46; Rev 19:20-20:10-15 and Rev 21:8)

11. 300KM - Rev 14:14-20
  300km x 1.6 meters or 180 miles x 4 foot 6 inches of blood.
The blood from God's wine press was 300km [180miles] long and about 1.5meters [4feet 6inches] high.

The harvest: Armageddon or the vintage of Armageddon.

Rev 14:14-20 also see The song of Moses an the Lamb Rev 14:14-20,  
The Harvest of the Earth Rev 14:14-20

12. Angel - Rev 15:1 & 5-8
  7 angels with the last 7 plagues
announces the 7 bowls or vials of wrath of God.
The seven angels have a golden sash each and one of the plagues in a bowl or vial of wrath

The start of the seven bowls of God's anger with the seven plagues by the 7 angels.

7 angels with 7 plagues.

The seven angels have a golden sash each and one of the plaques in a bowl or vial of wrath.
The plagues are completed before the second coming of Jesus

Song of Moses Deuteronomy 31:30-32:47

12a no picture The victorious saints who sing the Song of Moses
  (Exodus  ??:?? and the song of the Lamb they hold harps. Rev 15:2-4

13. 1st Bowl of wrath - Sores on those who have the mark of the beast 666 - Rev16:1-2
  The first bowl of God's anger is sores on peoples bodies.
The 1st of Seven Bowls of God's Wrath.

1st bowl or vial: sores on man kind.
Remember what happened in Egypt with the 10 plagues Exodus 9:8-12

[Power point only Third part starts]

14. 2nd Bowl of wrath - Sea of blood - Rev 16:3
  Sea turned to blood. Why this happened we do not know.
Possibility it is red algae because of pollution that makes the sea red and poisonous.

Could this not happen like the 2nd Trumpet Revelation 8:8-9.

15. 3rd bowl of wrath - 3rd Bowl - River of blood - Rev16:4-7
  3rd bowl of wrath by the Third Angel.

Could this not happen as in Egypt? Exodus 7:19:24

16. 4th bowl of wrath - Sun scorches people with fire - Rev 16:8-9
  Our Sun is a star.
Stars flare up and produce a lot of heat at half their life expectancy.
Then they cool down very fast as they start to die.

The Sun is near half life expectancy.

17. 5th bowl of wrath - Darkness and body full of sores - Revelation 16:10-11
  5th angel's bowl had darkness for the kingdom of the beast and painful soars for mankind.

See 9th Egyptian Plague. Exodus 10:21-22
Darkness upon Antichrist's kingdom.

18. 6th bowl of wrath - Kings from the East - Revelation 16:12-16
  THE SIXTH BOWL: The river Euphrates dries up to let an army attack Israel from the East.

6th bowl of wrath- war
The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates,
and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East.

There are many ways to dry up water like putting a river into many channels or irrigation,
or stop it raining or snowing in the head waters etc.
Or is God going to do something as He did with the Red Sea.

unclean spirits rev 16:14-16

19. 7th bowl of wrath - Hail - Revelation 16:21
  about 114 pounds, 64 kilos  also earthquakes and
cities are destroyed Rev 16:17-21
Great earthquake strikes.
Hail stones fall and weighing over 114 lbs each.

20. Golden cup of filth - Revelation 17:1-18
  Harlot as quoted by one commentator is
world wide church made up of all different religions.
Babylon fell because she had made nations follow her drawing them away from God.

21. An Angel with a message - Revelation 18:1
  The world system is about to collapse.
The angel announces the fall of Babylon.

A literal angel 18:1

22. Fall of Babylon - Revelation 18:1-24
  The old system of man is replaced by God's system.

A literal Babylon.

23. Ships - Revelation 18:17-19
  Ships no longer visit e.g. trade
Trading stopped because of collapse of the system.

Trade makes nations rich.

24. An Angel with a message - Revelation 19:1-10
  About the King of Kings
The angel who announces the King of Kings Hallelujah!

God's messenger announcing the return of Jesus in power.

25. Rider on the White Horse - Revelation 19:11-21
  King of Kings and Lord of Lords - JESUS Jesus is
pictured as the rider on the white horse.
A white horse is a kings horse.
Second advent or coming of Jesus Rev 19:11-21

26. Keys of the Abyss - Revelation 20:1-6
  Jesus said in Rev 1:18
I have the keys of Death and hell
Key is a symbol of control or power

27. 1000 Years - Revelation 20:3
  Satan is put under chains for 1000 years then released for
a little while all evil is banished from the earth

28. Red Dragon - Revelation 20:7-10
  Satan is portrayed as a red dragon

29. Scrolls of Life are opened - Revelation 20:11-15

From the Great white throne God Judges everybody that was dead by opening the Scroll of Life.

If your name is in the Scroll of life you will stay with God.
If your name is not in the Scroll of Life will be sent to the Lake of Fire and the second death.

Sin is vanquished for ever.

A modern scroll is called a book.

Books are plural one of the books is the Word of God
These books are opened at the White Throne.
God finally deals with sin.
The Book of Life is held by Jesus and it has the names of all believers.

30. New Jerusalem - Revelation 21:1-21
  has 12 gates no temple because God and
the Lamb are its temple and ark. Only those whose names are in the Lamb's book of Life
see rev 20:11-15.

31. 2200 KM - Revelation 21:6
  SIZE OF CITY CUBED 2200km cubed or 1,400 miles cubed Rev 21:16
and finish with the lamb's book of life.

32. Light bulb - Revelation 21:22-27
  God and Jesus come as the light of the world so there needs to be no more sun or moon.

33. Water of Life - Revelation 22:1
  Water of life starts from the throne of God.

34. Jesus Reigns - Revelation 22:5
  Jesus is in control for ever or eternity.

35. Lamp - Revelation 22:5
  Jesus comes as the light of the world so there needs to be no more sun or moon

36. Bride of Christ - Revelation 22:17
  The new heavenly Jerusalem that came down from heaven and all the saints that live in it.

37. We Win We Win - Revelation 20:15
  I have looked at the back of the book and we win

38. Angel - Revelation 22
  Angel announces Jesus birth.

39. Cross - Rev 22
  Jesus did die on the cross so he could make the way for us to become children of God.

40. Jesus - Revelation 22:7-21
  Jesus the lamb of God, the light of the world came to us as a baby into this world.
To grow up into a man and the son of God. Then die on the cross for us.

This is why Revelation was written by John to tell Jesus' brothers and sisters what was to happen
and encourage them.

End of Revelation part two.

An analogy I use of a supermarket. The events of Revelation scattered about the aisles and the people must move up and down the aisles to each event like picking up a product of the shelves and you like supervisor looking out the window are able to see all the events at one time because you are looking from above.

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